Background: Exacting and detached, Avelros is a remote descendant of Sharise, The Goddess of Destiny, and by proxy has inherited her ability to shape those with a destiny into what they are meant to be. Maintaining a distant monastery within the Taloned Valley, far on the outskirts of anything that could be considered civilization in the Delve, he waits for those that Sharise sends to him. His blazing azure eyes and heritage allow him to see the flaws within those that appear upon his doorstep, regardless of if they arrive of their own volition or through machinations unknown to them. With this ability he is able to temper them in combat like a blacksmith forging a blade. For all of his martial ability and fulfilled destiny given to him by Sharise, Avelros quietly rages against the lot that he has been given and longs to be one of the heroes that shapes the future of the Delve rather than a mere teacher. He rationalizes that if those pupils that fail beneath his ministrations were truly destined for greatness, then they would not have fallen.

Description: Avelros dresses simply in the white and midnight blue robes of Sharise. His faces shows the weathering of a number of decades of hard training and his literally a maze of lines amid a tangle of white hair and an unruly beard, both with a pale blue twinge to them. His eyes, like all azurin, are blazing wells of azure light, though Avelros’ are much darker than most of his kin. In spire of his age, he is still quite fit and spars with his students every day.

Secrets: Because of his seething rage at what he considers a wasted destiny, Avelros has been known to drive his pupils beyond their capabilities, and while they usually survive and are stronger for it, some have had their destiny’s sundered early. Rumors of his brutality have begun trickling back to civilization and some clergy of Sharise are starting to think he may be twisting her mandate. Even then, could this malformed sense of vengeance be his true destiny or is something else at work? Perhaps it is some other hero’s duty to redeem the monk or put and end to his fatal ministrations.


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